Player responsibilities

The code below has been established to ensure members act in responsible manner as players and representatives of the Old Aquinians Hockey Club Inc (OAHC).

  • The club require all members to respect each other and those who volunteer their time to make the OAHC club a successful and enjoyable sporting club.


  • Only fully subscribed members will be allowed to play as representatives of the OAHC. The OAHC committee can refuse a players right to play whom has outstanding membership fees owing. The OAHC will always endeavour to seek the best possible solution in these circumstances.


  • All playing members will be required to fulfil their teams umpiring duties allocated throughout the season.  A player who fails to attend will be required to pay the Hockey WA for failing to attend to their allocated duty.


  • All Members must respect the OAHC facilities and school property.


  • Do not litter.


  • Players must cooperate with Coaches and Team Captains at all times, with out them there would be no team. It is the player’s responsibility to advise Team Captains of your availability for your weekly game no later than 7 pm every Thursday to ensure ALL teams can be selected in an orderly manner.


  • The playing committee will select teams every Thursday after training. Players are selected on their playing ability and commitment to ensure the best possible teams are selected for that grade.


  • Players should play by the rules and respect officials who are also players who volunteering their time to umpire. If you disagree with an official have your captain or coach or manager approach an official appropriate at half time or after the competition. All Captains are responsible for playing conduct of their team and may caution or warn their players accordingly.


  • Respect the opposition on the field and invite them after the game to use the clubs facilities.


  • Most of all participate for own enjoyment and the benefit of others around you.