Reds Hockey began as The Old Aquinians Hockey Club, founded in 1932 by Phon Scott and his small band of helpers as a one-team club, developing the club to what it is today. In total 54 teams represented the Hockey Club ranging from Minkey to Over 60s.

Our foundations of inclusivity, fairness and supportiveness make our club what it is today.

Reds Hockey Club is located at Aquinas College, 58 Mt Henry Road, Salter Point, Perth, WA. Our Minkey program runs every year at Trevor Gribble Park in Willetton, WA.

We all get along, we are pretty good mates and a very social club. Reds also provide some great opportunities for those with the drive and passion to succeed.

James Winning

As a club, we’re quite a close knit family type. The friendliness really helps with our on-the-pitch performance. Being part of Reds is really fun, I just enjoy the whole atmosphere.

Zoe Hopkinson

REDS Hockey Club

58 Mount Henry Road

Salter Point


Trevor Gribble Park

151 Parry Avenue

Bull Creek