Reds Hockey Fees Policy

Why do we need a policy?

A Fees Policy is required to clearly communicate to members the expectations for playing fees. It will also assist the committee to enforce the policy consistently to all members.

Fee Schedule

The Senior Committee shall determine all playing fees to be levied by no later than 15th of January of each year. The amount shall be set at the Senior Committee meeting and the determination communicated to the members in the Fee Schedule.

Earlybird Payment 

All Senior players who pay their playing fees in full by the 11th April 2021 shall be entitled to $30 (5 x $6) bar voucher at the club.

Deadline for Payment 

Deadlines for payment will be the end of the regular 2021 season. Where circumstances are not favourable to the player they are encouraged to reach out to the executive committee to arrange a payment plan.

Extenuating Circumstances

The club recognises some families and individuals may experience financial hardship and the club is committed to ensuring there is a place for all members to remain playing hockey and be part of the club.

The onus is on each member to approach the Senior Committee to discuss their circumstances. Each approach shall be treated discretely on its merits and the club may agree to a payment plan or to waiver part of the fees. Members that fail to approach the Committee before the deadline for payment will have the penalty applied.

The Committee may waive part or full fees for any players on the basis of significant voluntary contributions for the club.

Life members

Life Membership is bestowed on individuals in recognition of their significant contribution to the club over many years. Life members shall have playing fees waived for life. Life members are encouraged to pay a social membership fee.

Australian/AIS Players

Current Australian and AIS Players are not required to pay fees.

Senior Coaches – Premier Grades

Senior coaches who coach Premier grades for the full season and are also players, shall receive a 100% discount off their fees.

Senior Coaches – Provisional Grades and Juniors 

A playing senior who is the sole coach of a Seniors Provisional or Junior team (excluding Minkey/Grads) shall receive a 50% discount off their fees.

Parents coaching Juniors 

A non-playing parent who is the sole coach of a Junior team (excluding Minkey/Grads), shall receive 100% discount on Junior fees for one child only.

Minkey/Grads coaches

There is no discount for coaching a Minkey/Grads team.

Goalkeepers (All grades) 

The club recognises goalkeeping equipment is expensive. Therefore any goalkeepers supplying their own full set of goalkeeping equipment shall qualify for a 50% discount to their playing fees. Goalkeepers not supplying their own equipment will be required to pay full fees.

Juniors playing Seniors

Juniors playing Seniors on a casual or fill-in basis shall only pay Junior fees (no more than 8 games per year). In the situation where a Junior is playing regularly for a senior team (8 games or more in a season), then the Junior player shall pay the equivalent senior student fee only, but not both junior and senior.

Part-time Players  

The club recognises some players play part-time due to work or other commitments. Members also recognise there are a number of flat charges to the club, such as insurances. The Fee Schedule shall address part-time players.

Fill-In Players


Fill-ins (not playing in another team)

  • First Game: HA fee only 
  • From Second game: $30 per game (seniors) / $22.50 per game (students) **excludes juniors filling in for seniors as they have a playing provision already in the fees policy** 
    • If a fill in player qualifies for finals they must have paid pro-rata fees if less than 12 games for the season, otherwise full fees will be due (fees must be settled before playing finals)

Fill-ins (playing in another league):

  • Full fees are due for the primary team that the player is playing in
  • $20/game is payable once more than 3 games for another league has been reached (regardless of the team the player is filling in for). 
  • If fill-ins qualify for finals in both leagues, both sets of noted fees are payable 

Fill-ins (juniors to seniors)

  • Do not pay fill in fees when filling in for senior teams from games 1-7
  • A junior will be required to pay student fees once they fill in for an 8th senior game

Fill-ins (same leagues/double ups)

  • No requirement for additional payment when filling in for teams 1 up or 1 down from regular team provided that fees are paid in full

Any variations to the above require written approval at the discretion of the Treasurer and/or President on a case by case basis.



Any refunds shall be at the Committee’s sole discretion. Requests for refunds will only be considered in the event the player has paid their fees in full and has paid before the due date and is not able to play the full season owing to serious illness, injury or some other genuine unforeseen event.