Junior Performance Management Policy 2016
Reds Hockey Club Junior performance athletes need to be monitored & nurtured, as they are progressing through the ranks as juniors playing in senior levels.
Each athlete is an individual & there are many differences between maximum load for each child.
We as a club have a duty of care to ensure the athletes are maintaining a healthy & stress free body & mind. 
Reds coaches need to take into consideration: Age, school, homework load, other sports training, or other hockey training sessions, along with family life, expectations & social pressures.
They are to then add in their own respective Reds performance training & playing expectations.
To maintain a caring & balanced approach to developing these players, we need to be united a club, with a mutual understanding of how to achieve this balance.
As a club it is our policy to ensure that all Junior athletes have the opportunity to play juniors in their respective age group. For our performance athletes this is also to elevate some of the pressure they feel when playing hockey.
As a club we also recognize these players are juniors between the ages of 14 & 17 years of age, thus their social development is in a very critical stage. Encouraging athletes to play juniors, allows us as a club a simple way to ensure these developmental needs are met.
We are very lucky to have A-grade teams in our juniors, which most of our performance athletes play in, this may aid any issues that coaches may have with the reason of playing juniors, in regards to performance development.
We as a club understand the need to develop these athletes and provide them with the best training available, but also to care for their personal development & wellbeing.
The following policy will relieve a lot of stress & anxiety from our young athletes, whilst still asking them to train, we are now allowing them to go home early, do homework, have dinner & rest still, with no penalties.
As of Monday 21st March 2016 it is Reds Hockey Club’s Junior Performance policy that:
All junior athletes have the opportunity to replace Senior training commitments, once a week, with a junior training, and subsequently not be penalized in selection processes. However to allow this to work efficiently, they then must understand they are required to be in attendance for the other training sessions they have been planned, with prior notice, for that week.