Fee Schedule 2020

Fess for this year will need to paid via Bank transfer BSB 066 000 A/c 1066 6630 or at the club bar by EFTPOS

Senior fees are $530

Student fees are $405

Grass fees are $455

Playing Mid Week and weekend extra $315

50% discount for goalkeeper with their own gear

$30 discount in bar vouchers if paid by 22th March. Seniors only.

Fees for all players are due before the 17th May. Late fees will incur a penalty of $50 if you have not started a payment plan

J11/12 fees are $240

J9/10 fees are $225

J7/8 fees are $215

J5/6 fees are $185

$30 family discount for second or more child

Minkey fees are $105; no discount but includes stick or socks